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The best way I can host a number of totally different Web Pages is to make them subdomains of a Master Web Page. Since I am told that I answer questions in far too much detail and not just a quick answer known as a sound bite that may in fact be a partial truth, the name of this domain is: 'FarTooMuch.Info'. You can contact me by e-mail at: Russ@FarTooMuch.Info.

DMS contains Music from the Christmas Programs of the Del Mar Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Southern California.

EVAoSD for Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego encourages the use of electric vehicles to reduce energy consumption and smog. There is an emphasis on using published componet parameters with the knowledge of the physics of electric vehicles to estamate speed and range of a gas powered vehicle converted into an electric vehicle. Examples of converted vehicles are shown. Also on-line are current and past newsletter.

Science is a web page for science teachers and students that use computers. It contains several short science essays on things that everyone should know and that should have been learned before entering High School. There is a special emphasis on units and the art of measurement that is needed by most professions. Also included are special secions on digital cameras and digital sound.

Opinions contains my personal controversial opinions on a variety of topics. So often politicians do not understand science and get causality backward. [i.e. having an effect being a cause and the cause being an effect]

NoGMO contains my opinions on toxic air, water, land, food, medications and vaccines. It also cover foods genetically engineered to be toxic and nutrient deficient.

horses contains my opinions on toxic air, water, land, and food as it applies to horses. It cover water fluoridation and foods genetically engineered to be toxic and nutrient deficient.

Going To Hell covers current administraction's compliance with United Nations Agenda 21. i.e. A One World Government controlled completely by the United Nations, without borders, with an RFID for all financial transactions, and depopulation reduction through useless war, sterilization, abortion, and toxic air, water, food medications and vaccines.

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